“I used to bite my tongue & hold my breath. Scared to rock the boat & make a mess. So I stood quietly, agreed politely.”

– Katy Perry

Because part of my history is of a girl too fearful to open her mouth to speak her own words & truth, too fearful to say “No!” or this is what I want or this is what works for me or this is who I am! Because I have worked ever so hard in my adult life to overcome being silent & suppressed. Because not being honest about your feelings keeps you from growing & taking up space in the world & creating meaningful relationships. Because I have a voice right now. Because we have a sweet little Blue Egg Brown Nest community that I want to stay loving. Because we’ve grown together & have shared interests. Because I don’t know most of you, but have felt such love & support & care & friendship.

This is why I take pause.

Diana, there is no room for shame here. It is about paint & design but also community. We can talk, we can question, we can care, we can ask. At the end of it all only kindness & respect for one another matter. That is all that we have room for in this nest. Please look else ware for perfection.