…rolling thunder

I have spent my whole life living just outside of Washington, DC. Very rarely do I go into the city during a holiday because it gets nuts with all the crowds. Yesterday we braved the traffic and I am so glad we did. This is what we saw.

a695875e31a91e338fdc3b3719753dcaWe can literally hear Rolling Thunder from our backyard during the Memorial Day weekend, but I had never seen the riders going over the bridge near the Lincoln Memorial being saluted. It felt important & emotional.

The volume of riders, the loud hum of the bikes, it was all a reminder that they are there. They ride to represent active duty military and veterans as well as those that we lost and left behind during Vietnam. I can’t help but feel a huge sense of guilt that we have not taken care of them as we should have. And the service men and women that continue to come home to whom we don’t see and we don’t hear. They sink back into their homes & lives and we don’t HEAR them. We don’t SALUTE them.

We can’t ignore Rolling Thunder because on this weekend they make themselves heard. I have a huge sense of sadness for not listening to their quiet thunder. So, to those of you that have come home and have served know that you are deeply loved for what you have been through. Know that we are sorry for not always hearing you and fully recognizing all you’ve laid down for us.

In gratitude,