…video short: applying shellac

Do you have a moment of panic when you see little pink dots coming through your paint? Do you rush to paint over them to no avail? This is called bleed-through and no amount of Chalk Paint or furniture paint will cover it.

Bleed-through is what happens when you are painting a piece of furniture built in the 1930s or 1940s. I can almost tell immediately if I am going to have this issue with a piece. You will get to know the style and type of wood that causes it.


What you need to do with bleed-through is to apply shellac. You can apply it on raw wood or you can apply it when/if you see bleed-through. What I did not realize is how quickly one can re-paint a piece after applying shellac. I’m taking minutes, Guys.

Here is a Video Short that I did on the process:

…blue egg video shorts

Hi Friends!

I decided to do a few Video Shorts. What does this mean? As I’m working I think of tips and techniques that I want to show you. I wish you were here with me. Well, maybe you can be! I am making little 2 minute videos with my iphone and chatting with you.

Check out the one that I just did: HOW TO APPLY SHELLAC

This Video Short addresses Shellac. Many of us get very frustrated about bleed-through in our pieces. Bleed through is that pink hue or pink dots that appear when you paint a piece with a lighter color. This happens to pieces built in the 20s/30s and furniture paint does not cover it. You need to use a shellac. I show you how to do this in 2 minutes here.

I plan on doing these often. Maybe even one a week if I have my act together. I have three posted on my You Tube Channel that you can view now.

I’m also headed to Luckett’s this weekend and plan to do a Video Short on How to Shop a Vintage Market. It requires running shoes!


…favorite things friday – shellac


Did you think I meant shellac from the hardware store?

I’m not talking about the shellac for our painted pieces! I’m talking about shellac for our FINGERNAILS!

So, imagine you have a party or an event that you need to go to and must get your nails done a few days in advance. Well, what happens if you have to finish up a few projects in the meantime? I don’t know about you, but I like to make a mess when I paint and my nails never survive the play.

A few months ago I tried this shellac gel. It dries instantly, lasts for 2 weeks and does not peal (it actually just grows out with your nail). Sounds a bit like Chalk Paint! Ha!


This Cake Pop is my favorite color. Partly because my kids always beg for cake pops at a Starbucks run and partly because it’s a happy color for warm weather.

I realize that as creative people we are not always interested in getting our nails done. But, if you must this is a solution to our painter’s nails!