…it’s a bloggy world: the good & the bad

So, speaking of roaring a bit when I slip up and mis-spell something, I come to the part where I will discuss the good and the bad about blogging. Let’s start with the good news.

I always want to encourage you all to paint or to collect or to write because you love to do so. Start there.


I don’t want you to blog because you want exposure, business, money. I want you to write because you need to write. This attitude will come through. I have read some blogs where it just feels like either the person is at a job and has to be writing the post or, even worse, is selling something. Blak! Your readers will be able to tell very quickly whether or not you are enjoying your process.


As I have said, I love the writing part of my job even more than the painting & decorating. There is freedom in putting down your ideas and sending them out into the world. You will feel energized and inspired. You will gain new friends that want to read what you have to say. They may even want to meet you or buy one of your pieces. They may forward you beautiful post to a friend or neighbor.

You will be able to talk about your process and explain what you are working on. This is important for any creative person. Yes, working in your own, quiet studio is lovely, but I think we all have the need to show what we’ve done. You can post pictures of the process and the end result. You will feel accomplished and proud.


Your business will grow and you will gain followers. Your numbers will climb and that can be fun to watch. You may sell more. You may be able to buy more supplies and materials to create more. This will make you feel happier and even more creative! Yahoo!


Like in life there is always a flip side. If you have read Blue Egg for a while you will know that I don’t deal too well with mean people. Helpful pointers are one thing, but when it is delivered with a mean spirit I lose my cool. I know many, many, many, many bloggers that feel the exact same way. We are the ones wearing our heart on our sleeves and we get to reap the beautiful parts, but when we hear something harsh from someone we don’t know it, well, it pisses us off.

The information you are providing is free. When people get free things they should appreciate them. Most people do and you will create meaningful relationships with these readers and followers. Like a bad apple in every bunch there are people out there that want to tear others down. We all know it. Just know that it is coming. Even if you were giving out free apple pie every Friday you will have someone complaining about the crust. It’s not you, it’s them.

The reward that you will feel from talking and writing about what you are working on will be worth anything negative that you come across. At the end of the day this is just little, old you. It is YOU. You and your business. You and your craft. You and your writing. You and your audience. You and your blog. This is a very special time for you and something worth doing for yourself.


…it’s a bloggy world series: frequency

Some of you are very schedule-oriented like myself and will want to set a schedule as to when and how many times a week or a month you want to blog. Others will want to write as they feel inspired. You really should work varying on your type of personality. That is how you will maintain your blog.


I blog every day, as you know. There are a few reasons for this. I believe that if one wants to live a creative life then you need to be working at it and sharing it. Writing about what I am working on every day keeps my mind constantly turning over new ideas & information. I never stop thinking. I also love what I do so I get very, very excited about sharing it.


I also think when one blogs often you gain the trust and love of a set group of people. You may not have a huge audience, but you will hopefully have some friends & family that get your post in their inbox and want to read what you are up to. I love you, Readers, so very much and I feel like we are in this together.

Life is crazy busy for all of us. If you can only blog once a week or once a month then that is what you should do. I follow some beautiful blogs and the author only posts every few months when she has something to show. However, if you are interested in building your business then blogging is an important way of making yourself seen.

I enjoy blogging everyday, but that also comes at a price. If you came into my house on a weekday to see me write you will find me in my kitchen at my computer downing a cup of coffee at 7:00am while my kids are running around scarfing down breakfast and trying to find clean clothes for school. My Dear Husband will be finishing up dishes from last night and helping make lunches. The dog will be whining to go out and Owen’s “gifts” that he likes to bring up to us every morning will be scattered all over the floor (Owen literally collects hats, mittens and any other small article of clothing and leaves them by the stairs for us to see in the morning. Silly!)


It is crazy hectic. Sometimes I have started a post for that day and other times I write as I feel inspired. I must say that when I’m writing off the cuff and I get someone pointing out my spelling or grammatical errors I give a loud scream, “Do you know what kind of environment I was in when I wrote that post?” “Fiona asked me for the fourth time if she could wear slippers to school, Reid was playing  in the dog water and Greta was practicing her spelling at the kitchen table before her quiz that morning.” Grrrr.

If your traffic is not building then try posting more often. Make each post something new and fresh. Posts can also be just an image or a few sentences. Remind the wild world out there that you are here by writing!