Luckett’s Spring Market – Yes I’m overdue for an update on this one!

I may be trying to live a more mindful, intentional life, but I still love shopping for antiques and old stuff. I went to the Luckett’s Spring Market last May, tredging through the mud with two of my beloved friends that came into town just for our shopping day. The Market no longer takes place on the grounds of Luckett’s and sadly, it lost some of it’s charm for me. It felt more spread out with more vendors and some of the vendors did not have those rare gems that I look for at these markets. Luckett’s puts on a great day rain or shine, but I felt nostalgic for the shop and the vendors from the past.

Here are some of the tents and items that were really fun & inspiring.

And here are me a my dear friends, Kris and Sarah, soaked and happy.

….toasting our friendship and shopping day with cider beer.

So, my favorite vendor for the past few years has been Olde Thyme Market. I love their look so very much. I bought 4 shabby stools from them to go w/ a shabby table I also found.

I saw so many girlfriends meeting at the entrance and excitedly shopping together. Even though it’s not as it was, it is still a great day!


DH was not too keen on stopping by the local rummage sale on the way out of town. It was being held at the local fire station and from a distance looked a bit, well, questionable. Meaning, at first glance we saw quite a bit of dusty Christmas decor, crocheted bits of clothing, wooden ducks, etc. You get the idea. But, as a treasure hunter I can’t help but see it as a challenge.

Cool vintage pieces do not look cool in the environment that you buy them in. They look cool when you pluck them out of some random setting and put them along with some other lovely furniture & textiles in your beautiful home. I’d say it takes vision and a bit of faith. Don’t spend a ton of money either.

I found this cool lobster crate under a women’s table. Ironically, I recently bought one for myself from Stylish Patina so I know what they are going for.



Here is the one I put in my home.


Vintage Lobster Crate – $145

I always look for wood in my peripheral because typically it means old wooden boxes, which are always useful & cool looking.



This one is large enough for a three year old to fit into 🙂 Large Wooden Box w/ Lid – $125


Great, large storage box. I can imagine for extra toys in the family room or throw blankets. Large Open Vintage Crate – $95


An old bread box. $75



It’s almost impossible not to meet some interesting characters at flea markets. There was a gentlemen that tried desperately to sell me a $700 leather saddle that he said was used in the movie “Oklahoma”. Hmmmm. I turned him down after several attempts on his part, but did concede to the super cool metal horse bits he had in a bucket.


Metal Horse Bits – $17 each. I think they wood look really interesting on a coffee table in a cool bowl or the like. Love old equestrian ware.


There were quite a bit of old, glass bottles, but this was was especially special. Love the color. Vintage Blue Bottle – $19

Email if interested. I will be posting them in my Vintage Finds this week w/ dimensions.



…road to luckett’s

I was reminded yesterday by Heather, the go-to gal at Luckett’s, that the Spring Market is 6 weeks away! Yes, panic did strick in my heart at the amount of projects that I have yet to complete. Not to mention the Uhaul to rent, the childcare to arrange, and the tagging to finish up. It will happen.

There was a post written about some of the upcoming vendors and they kindly included Blue Egg Brown Nest.


I’ve started to pull some of the vintage finds I have to sell in antipation of organizing it all. A 6-year-old can tag items, can’t they?




Some of you have seen my favorite new find/s – the 6 vintage dough bowls. Perfectly old & wonderful!


No, not a doll. That is actually my 4 year old in the last bowl.


Luckett’s Spring Market

May 18,19th 10-5

PS – I also still have some pieces being sold at the fabulous Stifel & Capra in Falls Church! You will love Theresa’s eclectic shop!