White-Washing Tutorial on a FLAT surface now on YouTube


Some of you mentioned that you could not see the video I posted last week of my personal update. Others were able to see it. I post all these on YouTube so you can just go to my channel or plug in Blue Egg Brown Nest on YouTube to see!

My White-Washing Tutorial is now up and what makes it a big different than my Weathered Wood Tutorial is that I did this technique on a flat, wood surface and it does work if you play with the paint. Originally, I thought you could only do the white-washed look w/ a textured wood like oak so that the paint would seep into the crevices and sit on the higher parts. I wanted to try the look on a smooth surface as I’ve shown here.

PS, the video is not edited and I showed most of my process so it’s a bit long FYI.

Here are some stills of the same transformation…



…the chicken cabinet- shipping

Many of you ask me about shipping and I always start with the same line. It sucks. If you are not a large company and you are trying to ship items that are heavy & awkward – like furniture – then it is expensive and hard to schedule. Shipping from your house? Even more of a challenge. Once you wrap your brain around this then you can figure it out if need be.


I have shipped my pieces for about 4 years now all over the country using USHIP. USHIP is a bidding process that allows you to list an item to be moved and shippers going that way will bid on the item. These are basically truckers or individuals that need some extra cash and are willing to come to your front door to help if you can pay them. If you are shipping for a client then you have to do alot of back and forth to make sure you find a price and pick up/drop off that works for all parties. It takes quite a bit of time. Hence why I put on my Etsy shop – “serious inquiries only.” However, when you get all the stars to align it can work. First task is making sure clients know that shipping state to state from a small business is not cheap.


Back to my chicken cabinet. As I posted yesterday, I purchased this item from Ebay kinda by mistake. Now I needed to find a way to get it all the way down the east coast. Ugg. Turns out the chicken cabinet was nestled in an antique shop near Niagra Falls! Oh boy. It took me less than a day and no USHIP bids to realize that no shippers were going to upstate NY. The seller was super patient with me and even gave me a few names of trucking companies to call. The problem with these is that if they are the big boys then they charge big bucks. Like more than the $799 I paid for the piece.

Back and forth.

Back and forth.

I finally found a shipper that gave me a price that I could work with. Three months later and the piece arrived. Whew! I took a huge breath as the boys unbundled it from the moving blankets. You never really know what you’ve got on your hands until you get it to your door, yea?

It was a miracle.

It was beautiful and it was…..oak! What’s so exciting about oak? It means that I can use the Weathered-Wood Painting  Technique. What is this? Stay tuned.