…hello, williams-sonoma

Once upon a time on a Friday evening after the kids had been put to bed, a girl sat down on her couch to flip through the catalogues that she received in the mail. It was the calm part of the day where she could intermediatly watch Brian Williams whom she so adored and look through all the pretty, glossy pictures. Many times she was able to glean inspiration from the colored images and this night was no acception. Eventually she reached the end of her stack of magazines and the large one, Williams-Sonoma.


The picture looked very familiar to the girl. She rushed into her dining room, set the table with forks & plates & moved bits around. Then she snapped this photo.


No, the lighting was not as perfect as the cover shot and her runner is a bit wrinkled. But, she knew she had put the room together a year before the magazine published their room. And she was happy.

The End.

PS – Yes, I did get a bit fiesty on FB Saturday. Thanks to those that stood in the gap for me 🙂