Turkey on the Table

I bought this little guy a few years ago and every time I set him out in November I know he is going to feel the love. My Turkey on the Table is a little piece of decor that has an actual, important job – to display people & things we are grateful for. This little guy allows you write things that you are grateful for on his wings. When you run out of the pretty cardboard paper wings that come in the box you can just use your own construction paper. It’s become a great part of our Thanksgiving tradition.

Turkey on the Table

Right now I’m thankful for this guy… Owen, you never disappoint.

I also bought a gratitude jar from Wisteria. Sadly, it is not as robust as my turkey as the glass broke in my storage closet. But, still an intentional place to write things and people you are grateful for.

Full of Gratitude Jar


…favorite things friday: sketch figure ball

I think this new find from Wisteria will be a little more financially friendly than Zentique and offers a sophisticated & interesting look.





Sketch Ball Figure – $24.  Perfect for a coffee or entry table.




And even if your kids pick it up and toss it across the room, it looks hearty enough to withstand the blow.


…wisteria find & seek.

The kids are bathed & down for the night & I just settled on the couch in front of Brian Williams with a cup of Camomile & my new Wisteria catalog. I can always get tempted going through it. But, this time I was especially excited to see a “French Country Dining Table” found on page 13.

“Solid oak. Leaves which can be completely removed. Accommodates any size dining party. $1,999.”

Does it look familiar? Maybe I don’t have a professional photographer and special lighting, but it is almost EXACTLY the same as my little beauty who dawns Paris Grey.

Of course my dining set comes does not come with the orange cat, Ollie, found on the seat at the right, but it does come with 6 chairs upholstered in a soft white burlap. $1,500 for the complete set.

Until it finds a permanent home I am more than happy to foster the set in my own dining room. Ollie will keep the seats warm.