…zentique thoughts

Morning! So, I had some reaction to my Zentique recommendation yesterday in Favorite Things Friday. Yes, items were a bit pricey. If you’ve read my blog for a while now, you know I am all for finding pieces at flea markets, repurposing old items, hunting through Grandma’s attic for a cool piece to refinish or even stopping on the curb to snag a few chairs someone is discarding. This is how I started decorating my house and I love the hunt & process.

BUT, I also see the value of dreaming BIG for your home. If you are obsessed with making your space beautiful & comfortable & personal like I am, it is inspiring to look and see what is out there. What could you copy or find cheaper or maybe even save your pennies for a few years to one day buy?

Before starting Blue Egg Brown Nest I had no budget for furniture and with 3 children there was no budget coming along any time soon. I did allow myself to dream & look at beautiful pictures. Well, after a few refinishing projects I was able to save up enough to buy my very first treat.

Small Room Design

My Rachel Ashwell chaise.

Now when I look at it I know how special it is. I knew the look I wanted, I knew what would fit and when I could make it happen I did.

It may sound a bit silly to dream about furniture, but it’s not about the fabric & wood. It’s about creating a lovely & inviting space where you can find freedom & peace. The world is a really tricky place and there’s nothing like coming home and finding something beautiful to look at – like a pillow or chair or maybe a soft, orange cat.



…faborite things friday: zentique

Zentique is a brand that you should know about. Several companies sell their products that look like reproduction antiques. Here are a few of my favorites:



Sharon, this chair has your name written all over it.



Who doesn’t need a few extra ottomans for seating?


Simple & classy hurricane.



Hello, grain sack.



I receive an email about my large clock almost every day. Here is an awesome one!

Zentique has large casegoods & really cute accessories. I think their pieces are worth a look & the price.