…the liam buffet

I posted this finished buffet a few weeks ago on FB and some readers were utterly convinced that it was not Graphite. Well, it is. It’s the lighting, time of day and your computer screen. I promise I’m not lying!


Here is the before: IMG_1565


I painted the interior Paris Grey, but ended up repainting it Graphite. I had a client that happened to see it in my garage when buying another piece and she ended up buying it before I had a chance to list.


Graphite is a great color and gaining in popularity. You must know that it is a rustic/shaddy looking black-gray color. Sometimes when I think of black pieces I think sleek and sophisticated. Graphite lends itself to being more worn.


I left the hardware alone because it was a lovely, dark metal.


So glad it found a good home.


  1. I believe you!

  2. It’s beautiful! And I see you you painted the interior…but you don’t normally paint interiors, right? Was wondering if the client asked you to paint the inside? Also, did you wax the inside too? I paint the inside of doors, but not the rest of the interior. Always thinking as folks are pulling things on/off those horizontal surfaces like plates and platters, will really scratch the paint…So that’s why I ask. Thanks for sharing your beautiful work!

  3. It looks beautiful. You always do an awesome job! Love your tutorials…you are so bubbly and down to earth…thanks for the inspiration!

  4. I like the interior painted. It gives it a complete look. And when you open the doors to the hidden treasures stored inside, they look great! Great piece…

  5. I love, love, love that circus horse on wheels. Please share with me where/ how you found it. I have been searching high and low. :-). Thanks!

  6. L. Thompson says:

    This piece is a shade of blue on my screen, too—a medium blue. I do believe you but never would have thought of AS graphite.

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