…window seats

I recently wrote about colored burlap and thought I’d show you what I did with my Duck Egg fabric.


When building our home one of my top concerns was where could we have window seats? I have a very romantic notion of reading a book on a window seat while gazing out the window between chapters. Our architect helped us sneak quite a few into the design. I decided to use the burlap on the family room window seat cushions.



I picked them up today and am really happy about how they turned out. The upholsterer did not need a liner. The burlap is tight, but also soft. And those colors are just fantastic!



I’ll be reading the new Dan Brown novel there in as soon as it comes out!


  1. Hi Christen. I’m a new fan of your blog–so enjoy it. I see you’re looking forward to reading the new Dan Brown–was wondering if you’d like an advance copy of my new novel, LADIES’ NIGHT. The protagonist is a lifestyle blogger whose life is turned upside down…it’s a fun, fast, summer beach read, and it’ll be published June 4 by St. Martin’s Press.Let me know if you think this is something you’d enjoy. All best!

  2. What a lovely little retreat 🙂

  3. Hi Christen, LOVE your new window seat cushions!! How do you think the burlap will hold up with pet hair – do you think the nubby texture will attract it? THNX so much 🙂

    • Hi Sharon! Thanks. I have 3 cats and they have all found the cushions. This burlap is tight so it’s like pet hair getting on anything. I just use one of those swiffer pet brushes to get it off. Not an issue.

  4. You are quite a designer!!
    I love what I’ve seen of your home.

  5. Hi Christen,
    I stumbled upon your Annie Sloan Chalk Paint tutorials on Youtube today and followed you here. We are in the beginning stages of building our first home and really love the color you have on your walls. Do you mind telling what brand/color it is? Thanks so much, Amy (Kountry Junkin’)

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