…spring work


I wanted to let you all know that I will be here through the spring working. Summer will be mostly family time, but Spring is an opportunity to set the refresh button and make your home crisp and clean. So, if there are projects that you’ve been putting off and would like help refinishing your old, brown pieces send me an image and I’ll give you a quote. My turn around is 2 weeks and I work mostly with Annie Sloan, as you know.


I also have a full garage of items that I am going to be finishing up and selling at good prices so check in.

Loving you all!



…paperless post & (RED)


I was so excited to be asked by my new friends at Paperless Post to talk about their efforts with (RED) Charity this holiday season. If you have not heard about (RED), it is an organization whose mission is to fight AIDs by pairing with companies who share their profits to fight the disease. I have always loved this campaign because it is doing good while offering really interesting products from a huge variety of retail shops.


Here is the (RED) mission statement:

“When you BUY (RED), a (RED) partner will give up some of its profits to fight AIDS. It’s as simple as that. Be (RED). Start the end of AIDS now.”

Paperless Post will give 25% of proceeds from certain Christmas & Holiday cards directly to the (RED) Charity to help fight the war on AIDS.  Here is a link to their Christmas Cards section where (RED) Cards can be found.

Here are some of my favorites!





I love feeling like I am in my own little way helping. And you can too. Buy (RED).

…kindred spririts

Like Anne of Green Gables and Diana, I feel like we are kindred spirits.


I think you may find that my new lifestyle blog is more of me…and you! Maybe not everything will be relatable because after all we are individuals, but the last few posts I’ve written have you in mind! My first was how to create a blog, the second velvet pumpkins and today’s post was about building a brunch! Christen Bensten Lifestyle will mirror many of the things I talked about on Blue Egg Brown Nest, but with more – more style, more books, more food/recipes, more decor.

I can’t wait to see you over there! xo

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I’m going to shamelessly lure you with rainbow sprinkled donuts (from my brunch post)