White-Washing Tutorial on a FLAT surface now on YouTube


Some of you mentioned that you could not see the video I posted last week of my personal update. Others were able to see it. I post all these on YouTube so you can just go to my channel or plug in Blue Egg Brown Nest on YouTube to see!

My White-Washing Tutorial is now up and what makes it a big different than my Weathered Wood Tutorial is that I did this technique on a flat, wood surface and it does work if you play with the paint. Originally, I thought you could only do the white-washed look w/ a textured wood like oak so that the paint would seep into the crevices and sit on the higher parts. I wanted to try the look on a smooth surface as I’ve shown here.

PS, the video is not edited and I showed most of my process so it’s a bit long FYI.

Here are some stills of the same transformation…




  1. heather says:

    I love the white wash. It looks like you have been making changes to your home. Can you please share where the black and white rug is from?

  2. Diana S. says:

    You are so brave! I’m not sure I would have had the confidence to try a new technique on such a beautiful table. While watching the video I wasn’t quite sure how it would turn out, but I love it! It looks so nice and really brightens the room and looks more up to date! Thank you so much for sharing and making the video to show the steps involved. So amazing that you could hold the camera in one hand while painting with the other. I hope you impressed yourself too- LOL!

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