…DIY love.

There is one thing that you cannot say about DH and I and that is that we are lazy. We pour sweat out on the weekends working on projects. We’ve always been a bit crazy like this.


We purchased our first home when we were newly married and spent every weekend renovating our house. We spent more time at Home Depot then anywhere else in those days. We tiled, painted, framed a basement, sanded floors, landscaped, built a deck, a shed, installed doors and windows, installed countertops, knocked down walls and built furniture.

This was our first home. We were 25 years old. DH convinced me to move into a fixer-upper with the hope that we would eventually tear it down and build. That would come after many, many of our own projects.


When we were not at the hardware store we were working or watching DIY shows. We lived it. This is one of my favorite pictures and favorite projects. Tearing out all the mint green & black tile from our first bathroom. And we were LUCKY to have the green and not the pink like other homes in our neighborhood!

Demolition 1





Even my first birthday present as a married woman was a pedastal sink! (Yes, I still give DH grief about that one!)


We are still living the DIY lifestyle and teaching our kids that it is worth the time, effort and money to put into the space that you LIVE in. Home is everything.

All that to say that this is the summer of updating here in the Bensten house. We decided to replace all our carpeting, which led to refinishing our wood flooring, adding wood flooring to the master bedroom, red carpet to our new movie room, a backyard fence, patio and landscaping. I then moved onto the details, like a change of paint for the master, an area rug, and new chandelier. This then inspired me to repaint some of the pieces on our mail level. Needless to say we have not stopped.

Here a look at the chaos.


I will be posting on paint colors, rug colors/brands and the projects we have going on this week. It’s what I’m living and breathing at the moment. But don’t worry about us, we are used to breathing in a bit of dust from our projects & lifestyle so it all feels normal.



…dumpsters & donuts

I love you all and when you have not heard from me for a day or so it’s probably because my children have hijacked me and are forcing me to drive them from camp to pool to friend’s houses and back – all between bickering with each other. But, oh, can they look like angels at times.


We have also had some big changes in the landscape of our family with Kane going up to Doggie Heaven and Shelly-the-cat choosing to leave. I think change is a time for re-thinking and refreshing. This sometimes involves a dumpster.


We are working on a few necessary updating projects including refinishing wood floors and new carpeting. We are also doing some fun things like building out a movie room, a patio and wood floors for the master! Everything is happening in the next few weeks so I will be posting about it as we go. I will warn you now that there may be some messy photos as we go, but hey, life is messy just like home ownership & maintenance, yea? We have lived in our home for about 6 years now and serious wear & tear happen with kids, pets and life.

We are starting the projects off right today, though.


…ABL Tile & Bathroom Centre

I have made some new friends in Sydney! ABL Tile & Bathroom Centre offers some really interesting & helpful items for kitchens & bathrooms.

Right now I am working with a few clients renovating their spaces. I also have two new houses going up around me, one to my immediate left and one across the street. My area is constantly changing so talking tile and sinks is common place.

Check out some of the cool things ABL offers:


I’m partial to the free-standing baths. And next to an ocean helps too 🙂


Who doesn’t love a claw-foot tub? Here’s how it can look in a space. Timeless.


An over the counter sink is so stylish too.



They also have some items that DH is drooling over like waterproof flatscreens and underfloor heating!

Check out ABL here. When you do make a purchase let me know! I’d love to hear about it and see some pix. 

Disclaimer: ABL is a welcomed, paid sponsor here on Blue Egg Brown Nest.