…leave well-enough alone?


I’m the type of person where you could lock me in my house for 2 weeks and I would be completely fine. I would find projects all over the place. My sister would rather die. Guess that’s why she’s a city gal!

My latest itch is to re-upholster my brown, linen chairs. I heart these chairs with their large, brassy nailheads, english roll arms & casters, but the color has never felt right. A bit too brown.


Here’s the rest of the room. As you can see, my accent color is my beloved duck egg blue.

Image 4

I must admit that I do get side-tracked when walking into the fabric store by all the bright colors and patterns. As much as I am more traditional, I do heart a bit of whimsy.

I received my little egg basket in the mail and until I’m allowed to get my chicken coup I’m putting fabric swatches in it 🙂

IMG_2893 These are some lovely swatches from Online Fabric Store.


I heart a cute toile.


I know I want to bring in some of my blue, but do not want it too busy.

I used to think I wanted a grain sack look.


But, I’m not so sure now. I couldn’t find a perfect stripe. I was hoping from something a bit more thick.


I love this pattern & color so much. If it’s not for the chairs, I still may use it for some throw pillows.

IMG_2905I never thought I’d be into a geometric, but love the colors on this blue one. Also a bit of a Ikat look. Color is right on.





Then there is a more formal print.




My guess is that my egg basket is going to be full before I make a final decision. Anyone know of a perfect fabric for my chairs?