Of course you can judge a book by the cover.

New books, old books, tattered books, hardback books, twine-tied books. Doesn’t matter. Just love a good book. And you certainly can judge a book by the cover.



There is something about a moss ball that is so English. And England is just one of my obsessions. How could you not love a country that still has a kind & queen? Pubs, hedgerows, red round mailboxes, gardens for backyards, tea at tea time and Thomas Hardy.

Something about birds.


I’m not sure where my obsession for birds came from. As an English lit major it was always a mysterious, engaging theme throughout poetry & prose. If you wanted to bring something into the etherial, mention a bird. Nests, eggs, feathers. Birth. Transformation. Flying.

They are in my home and all over my home. Pillows, pottery, lamps, dishes, linens, books.