…blue egg brown nest tutorials on youtube

I am so new to You Tube so sorry for the delay! All I know about it are the funny cat videos I seen on Ellen. And, yes, they crack me up.

I decided to do a series of 3 tutorials because I have been asked by many of you to walk through the process. I hope the visual is helpful. Yes, there are kids and dogs and hurricanes happening in the background, but c’est la vie 🙂 FB tells me that I’ve reached just over 5,000 readers this week and I’m thinking it has something to with the tutorials. Thank you so much for watching!

If for some reason you can’t see the video’s here, this is what you can look up and/or click this hyperlink: Blue Egg Brown Nest Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Tutorials



…blue egg brown nest video tutorial!

I was always hesitant to do this because, well, I haven’t had time and who really wants to see themselves on tape. But, I’ve had alot of requests and want to show you how I interpret using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.

You may have noticed a new icon on my site called “Tours & Tutorials”. I decided to do some videos in this section based paint & home. So, there will be a series of posts on chalk paint and interiors.

This first video is the first step in chalk paint. I hope it’s helpful. More importantly, I hope to show that painting needs to be fun, interpretive and made you own. Don’t do everything I do. Find your own style and like Ginger my first boss told me, decide what you love and then have the confidence to say it’s the best.

Here goes nothin’. (please forgive the children screaming in the background and hiccup in the beginning. DH is new to splicing video!)

You can also search for me on You Tube at blueeggbrownnest.com and Blue Egg Brown Nest Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Tutorial #1

Thanks always for the encouragement, Lovelies!


…Buildling Series – Buildling a Home

Or renovating a home as we are still on our first place. The “master bath” was probably my favorite bit of construction because it was so – much – work. We knew we would be inhereting a yellow, pink or green bathroom when bying in ourneighborhood. Guess which one we got.

I fondly referred to it as mint chocolate chip. And I was happy to see it go.

Oh my! This is what you get for the money living 10 minutes from Washington, DC.

Lots of trash bags to clean up the following. Deep breath.

Oh look, there’s metal netting holding all that green on the wall. Didn’t know that before we started.

Might be my favorite picture of DH. No looking back.

And what is worse, we had to somehow get all the rubble to the street and the country to pick it up.

Ah, but we prevailed.

Travertine tile, a pedestal sink and new hardware. I have to say, it’s a bit sad because 4 short years later a bulldozer came ripping through the roof pulling out all that stone.

Is that a little chip of tile I see?

Question for Brent-the-Builder on tiling, demolition, etc? Post and he’ll answer!