…media kit & sponsorship opportunities

I just finished working with my web designer on my Media Kit! Some of you may be asking what a media kit is. I had no idea until really getting into the blogging & business side of things. It’s basically a sheet that is used to sell ad space on your blog. It gives guideline, stats, rates, etc.

My very talented web designer did a great job putting it all together. You can check it out on my main page in the main menu and see what it’s all about. If you are interested in placing an ad with Blue Egg Brown Nest I am now able to do that. I have 2 different sized ad spaces. They will go on my main page under “Sponsors”. My designer will create you ad for you. You will ride along with me and reach 1.2 Million hits per month. I already have some new friends ready to join me. If interested email me: cbensten@blueeggbrownnest.com




…5 Days to Organized – Garage

This is dedicated to the one I love. Oh, DH, I love you madly, but your tendency for pack-rat-ness is a bit frustrating. If I had my way, we would take every last bit of stuff out of the garage, sort and only put back in the necessary. Aka my furniture  & paint:)

I just feel like it’s so hard to see what you actually own when it’s all in boxes, cans, bins and is metal and looks blah. Storage for garage is best up against the wall. Hang what you use most often and store what you need for certain projects. DH, I think it’s time to get rid of the bathroom tile from 2 houses ago. Please.


The idea of everything hanging so neatly and in plain view…with a painted wall makes me weepy.



Imagine: Everything could have a home.


See, DH. It doesn’t even have to be fancy.


Yes, let’s hang our bikes. I think we have about 3 princess ones just rusting on the side of the house. Could Reid’s pirate swords be hung too?


You had me at twine.


Let’s say you don’t use a garage. How about repurposing the whole darn thing.


More book space actually  makes me consider…



And let’s not forget about the outside.


See you next week! Going to post on some new vintage finds, more Building a Business Tuesday, Lucketts, etc. Hi to all my new friends reading 🙂



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Dear Family, Friends, Readers & Audience that came from near & far,

Thank you all ever so much for coming to watch me present at the Home & Remodeling Show yesterday. I had a great time sharing Blue Egg Brown Nest with all of you & hope you learned something from the chalk painting & creative business tips I gave.

The overwhelming support started in the morning with this little Matisse.

I call it: “Nest with 3 Blue Eggs on a Tree Branch with Green Grass”. Train them up in the way they should go…

Thanks Ty & Shannon for the extra marketing materials for the cars!!

DH at the loading dock ready to bring out the pieces that I brought for the chalk paint demo.

Arriving! 3 coffees deep at this point.

Sweet Stephanie that runs the whole darn show. I hope she’s home taking a long winter’s nap right now!

My dear parents got there about 3 hours early to help out!

You’ve heard me mention my dear dad that is also the jewelry designer.

Getting ready backstage.

Yes, Power Point, microphone and slide clicker-thing. And you thought I was just a mommy.


I don’t know about you, but public speaking is not exactly my cup of tea. I was pleased to present, but am breathing a sigh of relief today! In fact, we are all still in our pjs 🙂

Here’s the demo, Step #1 – paint.

Step #2 – sand & clear wax.

I will be posting the video on YouTube with my other tutorial videos in case you want to review the demo. I will also be posting the steps once again since there were alot of questions.

It was so lovely meeting so many of you that have been faithful readers. I can’t thank you enough for the care & support.