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A few months ago I received this postcard from One Kings Lane. To my surprise, they used the same exact mirrored nightstand that I had picked out for my bedroom redux over the summer.


I purchased mine from Horchow (which, BTW, has great sales if you are on top of it) after searching all the online shops available to me. This is how I bargain price. I also searched the look on Pinterest and Google. I really liked this sleek, light look and I wanted something large for all my books, creams, lavender, Kindle, journals, etc. Oh, and yes that is a big stuffed kitty that I have in my bed. And it’s mine.







The nightstand – or more like a dresser – is well-made with easily sliding doors. I have been nothing short of happy with them and I love the look.


…broken wood brushes

Oh, you guys. I heart a beautiful, wood paintbrush but I have found out from years of painting that I sadly cannot rely on them. I so wish I could tell you that they pretty ones are the best, but won’t lie to you.

Have you all experience what I have?


This is a regular wood brush that you can find at the shops where you buy you Milk Paint and Chalk Paint and such. Mine lost its head after about 2 months worth of painting. It also did a bit of shedding and eventually, literally the inside bristles came out in one big chunk. So not good.

I hate to continue to be a bit critical sounding, but I also find that that more that I use these brushes the stiffer they get. Without flexibility in the bristles, painting becomes more labored and inconsistent.

I realize that if you are starting out and you want to buy the paint with the brush together in one shop it can be less daunting. Go ahead and do it (of course the brushes are not cheap, however). But, if you plan to do many projects, jump on Amazon or go to your hardware store and pick on one of these. My fav brush ever.

The Wooster shortcut with nylon bristles. They are about 5 bucks and it will give you years of happy painting. Eventually all brushes will ware, but this is the best I’ve found.



I want to help eliminate your frustration if painting does not come naturally so get what works. xo.