…selling the beginning

I started painting furniture 13 years ago when DH and I were first married. I started painting pieces seriously when my youngest was in a bouncy chair, Fiona was climbing on furniture, Greta was playing in the creek and we were living with Frammie and Pa while we were building a house. Here’s what life looked like at a glimpse.





Back Camera


We have come a long way.

My first project was the 8 chairs that I purchased off Craigslist. I made DH go buy and pick them up and he thought I had lost my mind.

Back Camera

I worked for 2 weeks on them, mixing milk paint, sanding, stripping, staining, scratching, basically beating them into a look I could be happy with.

Back Camera

When we moved into our home 9 months later, I had a 5 month old, a one-year-old, a 3-year-old, a prescription for Lexipro and 8 gorgeous chairs.

Small Room Design

I can’t help being really proud of these chairs. I didn’t think I would ever, ever sell them. But, when I purchase my white metal cafe chairs and showed you all the images, the emails started flooding in about selling these chairs. Where would I store 8 chairs? I had to sell.

I am feeling very nostalgic about them and the only thing that helps is that a sweet, long term client is buying them. She has two little children and appreciates all things old and loved. Maya, I may have to come sit in them every once in a while 🙂 xo


…old white table

I seriously have no idea if I have already posted about this sweet, little table. But, it is too cute not to risk showing it again.





I honestly can’t even recall the client that I painted it for, but it’s totally been that kind of week. Trying to have some grace & patience with myself until we sink back into a rhythm in our house. Love you all.




Dear Readers, Have I told you lately that I love you? Your constant encouragement, love and dedication to me and Blue Egg Brown Nest mean the world to me. I wish I could look into all of your eyes and tell you that I appreciate all your comments and emails. One day we shall all meet.

As you know, I am going to be moving into Luckett’s at the end of September and am super excited about it! In order for this new adventure to work smoothly there are many things that I need to sort out. One very important piece is the moving of furniture and items.

In an ideal work, my moving vehicle of choice would be this.


In reality, it will be more like this.


Not so bad. If there can be an entire TV show where two pickers use a van then I can get away with that. Of course, DH thinks that may not be enough space either for weekly trips.

DH seems to think maybe a trailer is the way to go. Okay.


But, it will probably look more like this:


Well, this minus the horses, unfortunately. Probably like this in all honesty.


Boooooorrrrring. I suggested painting it, but DH insists that I must have it professionally painted by, like, professional car painters or something.


Hmmmm. Yes, must sort out. Soon.