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Have you all seen this new website Dot and Bo? I started getting emails from them probably because I was signed up for something else. But, they carry so many cool items! Check it out:







Their price point is really good too. Happy spring shopping!

…it must be in the air

Thanks to all my readers that saw my FB post and offered to babysit my kids! ha! The cool weather has moved in for at least a few days and I feel Fall in the air. It’s my absolute favorite time of year. I love chunky sweaters, celebrating my birthday, it’s when DH & I were married, and 2 of my baby’s birthdays fall. It means turning on the fire and using the fluffy blankets that have been patiently waiting. The windows can creak open, the slippers can be worn again….and it’s time to hit some antique shops.

Nina & Papas ended up taking the kids so DH and I could enjoy a Sunday afternoon.


A selfie with a smile after kids have been dropped off. Next we hit the brick sidewalk for brunch at Lightfoot! Coffee & Eggs Benedict with my Love.


Yes, it was a bit rainy, but we were still able to see all the little windows with their treasures. Four Shabby Chicks was our first stop. Super cute stuff!IMG_7732

A few antique malls & gift shops.


You know a shop has to be cute inside with these lanterns outside!



Yes, I totally need a French drying rack that size of a small child. Doesn’t everyone?


Love a shop with a mix of old & new. I’m a sucker for a good candle. Couldn’t pass this one up from Creme de la Creme.


I finally made my way to The Cottage and found a super cute, shabby stool. She also has her wares in Chartreuse and was the vendor I found my library card catalogue that we all love.

Small Room Design

This is the cute step stool. Love a chippy patina.


A few more shops & then we were back on the road to Chartreuse’s weekend sale. There’s always a treasure hiding in that barn!


Over the river & through the woods!


Check out Virginia’s new patio & the vendor selling coffee & homemade goodies! There’s DH getting a coffee before more shopping. I know, what a trouper he is.


Here are a few treasures I took home. English Country all the time.




A few metal baskets.


Chalk board framed in a frilly, French frame.

Almost done, DH! You’re looking a tad tired.


I never pass up an old map. Always perfect for wall decor. This one is going in Fiona’s room over her new/vintage desk.


And of course I needed another ladder! Yes, I keep about 6 straps in the car at all time for this purpose.


Before getting on the road, I totally needed a homemade snicker doodle.


A perfect afternoon.