Free: Chicken Coup Cubbies

Hi Friends! How is everyone holding up? I pray you are all safe and cozy in your beautiful homes.

We have been working on a steady stream of projects over here, which basically means I’m coming up with projects for Brent and the kids! It’s a perfect match. He has been working from home and his happy place is definitely building and working with his hands. It all works out well for me because I’m looking around the house at a few things that would help spruce up the place.

The latest project is custom cabinets for the garage. Dear Husband has lots of talents, but he struggles a bit with…the hoarding of tools. I’m too embarrassed to even show you a before of the garage where he stores them.

Long story short, I ran out of room for this gorgeous chicken coup cubby cabinet that I discovered and purchased at Lucketts a few years ago. It was in my living room for a while until I realized I needed to edit for a bit. I put it in “storage” aka the garage for a minute and before I knew it Brent had filled it to the brim with screws and bolts and all kinds of things.

In the effort to accommodate a sparkly new space, I am giving it away for FREE to anyone that can pick up. It is such a lovely, interesting piece. I am sad to give it away, but I truly don’t have the room for it.

Here are a few other similar pieces I’ve seen….Also, I read that it’s the kind of thing Joanna Gaines says you should never pass up at a flea market.

Here’s a little preview of what we had to make space for. Organization!

If you are interested in my chicken coup cubbies and can pick up, email me: I’d love it to go to a good home!


Have you all seen Foundry’s new home on the Luckett’s lot? The owner, Yvette, was a vendor in Lucketts and you could spy her cool, vintage vibe from miles away. Very vintage, very British, very leather, very library, very Parisian flea feel. It’s a shade different than any of the other vintage shops you’ve been to. Promise.

I follow foundry on Instagram and have been watching them get their new home all spruced up. It’s gorgeous. I finally got out there with the family before Halloween and purchased the Union Jack pillows I had been eyeing for a long time now (yes, she has more!)

Her shop is open and she recently started selling on her site here.

Own approves.

…i’ve been working on a lake house

Hi Friends!

I am here, but I am a busy bee this summer. I am working on our little lake house and will be for most of the summer. I am going slowly because, well, I want to play in the lake!


Yes, there is a part of me that would just like to “fix”, update and redo everything around me, and there is another part that wants to experiment and try something a bit different. I don’t want to have the same exact decor here as I do at home if that makes sense. I want to create a feeling that will refresh my family, calm us and help us recharge. At first I had the idea that I was going to literally paint everything in eye sight white – including the floors, which I still want to do.

This is what I was envisioning.



747eeb2374bf25842cf918b71b33b05d (1)


Can I get an amen?!

And I plan on doing many of these things as inspired by Pinterest. I will eventually paint the kitchen cabinets, a fireplace, some wood furniture. But, part of me wants to incorporate the shades of blue that I am noticing in every catalogs that comes in the door. Like this:


062016_BlueandWhite_Manuel Rodriguez

I think the risk is that with a lake or beach home, you don’t want to decorate too literally. Some blue and make one pillow referencing a lake is okay, maybe a few shells, but you don’t want to overdo it because I think it can be come a bit too much. I want it to be a subtle nod to the water around us.

I think when planning out a space you need to collect pictures that inspire you. You may not know why you feel moved by them, but that does not matter right away. What you want to get an idea of is the tone of the space. Pinterest is a great place to make a motivational board or even a three-ring binder with magazine clippings. I have at least two of these going at all times. If I see something in a catalog or magazine, I will tear it out and stuff it in the binder. It’s not very organzied in there, but it is all in one spot. I found myself really loving some of this gold, white and blues. Now, how to work it all together?

I keep going back to the movie “Something’s Gotta Give” with Jack Nickolson and Diane Keating (one of my fav movies!). The Hampton’s Beach home was literally to die for. I think I’ll start there. Oh – and she was a writer! Like she wrote her plays at the beach house – can you imagine? I can think of nothing better. Truly inspiring for this gal.


Something’s Gotta Give kitchen 5 2




PS – It wasn’t until I started looking up these images that I found out that this very beach house is an extremely popular search for its decor.