…3 degrees of separation

I heard on NPR this weekend that Google has officially made the “6 Degrees of Keven Bacon” game on their search engine. They interviewed the college kids that started it one night during a thunderstorm & a few drinks. If you don’t know the game, it’s the idea that every actor is separated by only 6 people to Kevin Bacon – because he’s been in everything. And whose not a fan of Footloose?

Well, the more people I meet dropping pieces or buying pieces more often then not they know someone I know and vise versa. Jen was no different. In fact, she grew up in my neighborhood, made cookies with my sister when we were young, is a cousin to Amelia (a dear friend of my SILs) and also has a daughter named Fiona. 3 degrees. It was meant to be.

Here are her pieces beforehand.

And after.

This super cute table has a beautiful Carrara marble top (not shown)

She’s also going home with the William High Boy when she comes to pick up.

PS – Bear with me as I’m making updates to my site. The shop section is going through some growing pains to make it easier to search and buy. I know many of you have inquired about the pieces I posted yesterday and I will post pricing hopefully by tomorrow. Thx!



  1. Oh no, how much time am I going to waste on this?

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