…4ft dough bowl

My friend, Kristen, whom I met at Luckett’s Spring Market recently posted a picture of her amazing & very large dough bowl. I have one myself, but it wasn’t vintage and it was not big. So, my OCD took over and I went on a mad hunt for an extra large, extra old dough bowl. Check out what I found.

Jack pot!

Thanks for helping me clean my treasure (again), my Love.

Yes, of course you can ride in it like a wooden boat. Anytime.

I love a good treasure hunt.




  1. So presh of Fiona–love it!

  2. Kathy Riddle says:

    Do you have an ODC friend who wants a huge vintage dough bowl, too? We have one in our inventory.

  3. I found one at Lucketts General Store, and I’ve seen them there since.

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