…5 Days to Organized – Garage

This is dedicated to the one I love. Oh, DH, I love you madly, but your tendency for pack-rat-ness is a bit frustrating. If I had my way, we would take every last bit of stuff out of the garage, sort and only put back in the necessary. Aka my furniture  & paint:)

I just feel like it’s so hard to see what you actually own when it’s all in boxes, cans, bins and is metal and looks blah. Storage for garage is best up against the wall. Hang what you use most often and store what you need for certain projects. DH, I think it’s time to get rid of the bathroom tile from 2 houses ago. Please.


The idea of everything hanging so neatly and in plain view…with a painted wall makes me weepy.



Imagine: Everything could have a home.


See, DH. It doesn’t even have to be fancy.


Yes, let’s hang our bikes. I think we have about 3 princess ones just rusting on the side of the house. Could Reid’s pirate swords be hung too?


You had me at twine.


Let’s say you don’t use a garage. How about repurposing the whole darn thing.


More book space actually  makes me consider…



And let’s not forget about the outside.


See you next week! Going to post on some new vintage finds, more Building a Business Tuesday, Lucketts, etc. Hi to all my new friends reading 🙂




  1. I’m on your husband’s side. We have things we use once in a great while and even if it takes longer to find it than to buy new, the main thing is “we have what we need”. Most of us husbands get a little space in a corner or along the side of the car where people need to walk. We prepare for the next fix-it job by getting the needed tools collected and the added time it takes let us plan our “attack. So you see our method had a purpose. 🙂
    ps us guys tend to stick together too.

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