…5 Days to Organized – Kitchen

Whether we have a ton of cabinets or never enough, I think we could all use a bit of help organizing our kitchen spaces. It’s the number one room in the house where everyone gathers and how idea would it be if it were also pretty to look at. If you are lacking enough storage space, once again, a good ides is to go UP. Shelving, even Ikea shelving works really nicely. The tip to making it appear lovely & neat is to make sure your dishware and accessories all or mostly match. A fool-proof way to make this happen is with white dishes and clear glasses. Some weathered baskets for texture and neutral coloring is good too.

I love the idea of one tea cup per hook hung in a line. You could hang these below your cabinet or on the wall. Make sure they are all in the same style family.

And what about all that space on the sides of the end cabinets? Find a cool hook rack or even a few hooks here and there. Use it for aprons or even large utensils. Just make sure what you expose is pretty and worth showing off.

If you are going to have exposed dishes and glassware, an important tip to remember is to make sure they are uniform in color. I think the cleanest and most well-organized look in dishware is always white. Don’t be tempted by all those patterns and wild colors out there. White, white, white.

I heart a sliding barn door for a pantry. I may just have to do this in my kitchen.

Wooden spoons are just pretty. Especially those rounded handle ones with France stamped on the side. Put them in a white crock and leave them out.

Every kitchen deserves a black chalkboard. Shabby vintage, stick on, or framed in gold. Get one.

Consider a pot rack for storage issues. Over the island or even on a wall. Of course you need to put pretty pots on them, but they add such interest.

oooooo, hello, ladder.

No kitchen island to speak of? Consider buying a console or skinny work table and placing it in the middle or side wall in your space. You could even put on casters like this one to move it out of your way if necessary.

I could just die over this shabby console-island!

Thursday – Closets! akkkk!

(BTW – I will posting all answers to questions next week. So, if you don’t hear back from me right away, please know that I’m going to answer everything! And a big thank you for reading!)



  1. All beautiful ideas, gorgeous!

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