…5 Days to Organized – Laundry Room

I realize that, again, we may not all have a designated room for laundry, but we all have some space for our washer/dryer whether it’s the basement, a corner in the kitchen or an actual room on the second floor. And in all these spaces I’d put bets that we all need a little help. Or at least I know I do!

I think a useful idea is to once again go up the wall as high as you can go. Shelving, drying racks & hooks are your friends.

I can honestly say I never would have thought about repurposing a doll house in this way.

Baskets for each family member? Organized in a neat little shelf? I’m taking my own notes.

Love the idea of storage on a door and take a look at the hook for hangers! Note the pink paint.

Let’s not forget to make it look pretty & inviting. I love a chair and a little rug for warmth on the tile. After all, I know we all spend plenty of time doing laundry. Might as well add some accessories. Love the little plants.

Don’t forget wall decor for something to stare at while you fold.

OMG. Love.

Wall hook from Land of Nod.

Is that detergent in those apothecary glass jars?

Another great spot for a chalk board!

Of course you COULD use your vintage French laundry basket truly for laundry 🙂

Wednesday – Kitchen!




  1. Can I “pin” one of your laundry pictures? Or will you be adding them to your laundry board soon?

  2. Mary Amato says:

    I love your french laundry basket. where could i find one, in Australia?

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