…5 Days to Organized – Master Closet

Just thinking about organizing a closet give me a headache. I would rather look at pretty pictures and not think of my own rat’s nest. Let’s just dream a second….

Okay, now back to reality and…shoes. What to do with shoes? oooo, how about a painted, chippy cabinet?

I knew I loved ladders for more than just hanging on my kitchen walls.

If I hang my shoes does that mean they won’t collect the dust that they do on the floor?

Shutter love.

Jewelry storage. I recently bought 3 cork boards from Michaels and hung all my costume jewelry like this.

That’s what you can do with those vintage pullies!

Take a good look at your closet doors. If they look a bit dated or close in the room, think about hanging a curtain that you can open & close instead. It could even add a bit of pattern and/or color.

Don’t even have a closet? I heart a cute garment rack. I love a man that has vintage books on his hanging closet.

How about an alternative use for a closet. Anyone need an office more than space for clothing?

Tomorrow I’m tackling the dreaded garage.




  1. Some great ideas, Christen! You gave me a good idea for the extra bedroom/turned office. I’m pulling everything out of there and starting over…clean slate! New wall color too! Now, organizing the garage will be a different story! Thanks for this 5 part series!

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