…a big deal

I sold my french country dining set last week.

Here’s what it looked like when I got my hands on it –

and some little chair fairies.

The slow march indoors to be reupholstered with white burlap. These ladder back chairs took a very long time to paint!

I enjoyed it in my home for a bit while she waited for her permanent home to come along.

A few other dining sets joined it along the way. All finding good homes.

A matching china cabinet came and went during its stay as well…oh – and even the rug that just found a new home to a very interested reader! ha!

Chuck the trucker came yesterday morning and headed up to PA.

DH helping load the set. My #1 employee 🙂

Just heard back from her today with this most thoughtful email:

“Christen, we are so in love with our dining set. It is absolutely beautiful. Once I finish decorating the room I will send you pictures…I will definitely order from you again in the future :)”


Thanks, Natalie for making my day 🙂









  1. Lots of beautiful pieces and decor! Love your awesomely large dining room area (a tad jealous over here…lol)!

  2. I look at your blog several times a week, Chris, and I’m going to miss it–it was a beauty!

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