…a fairytale

Once upon a time there was a small girl that spent alot of time reading books about far away places in her room. Every few days she changed around her room, moving huge pieces of mission-style furniture about one scooch at a time. She saved & saved and at the age of 12 she bought a new bedroom set with the piece de resistance, the sleigh bed.

I’ve always been a bit obsessive about creating a space around me that made me want to nestle in and stay for weeks. It always involved books, a comfy place to sit and maybe a cat – always a cat.

For the past few weeks I’ve been helping others create some of those spaces.

In the past few months I have had 4 interior design clients. I won’t claim that I know what I’m doing, but I sure know what I like. I also spent a long time around interior design & architecture during my marketing days at BBGM & ZGF. My MIL is amazing at it and I love those glossy magazines with hedgerows and stone, fabrics and four poster beds.

The meeting I have coming up this week if for an individual that has a very specific style and is looking for some direction for quite a few spaces. Hope she doesn’t mind me saying as much.

I ordered a linen binder and went to work pulling and printing.

This seat is much more appealing than the rolling office chair I used to have.

Not sure I’ll be using the old typewriter, but I love being in his presence for the sheer nostalgia.

And a bit of sun.

Do I think it’s a coincidence that God put a Calico Corners on the end of my street?

Ha. I know better.


To inquire about design services, get in touch: cbensten@blueeggbrownnest.com




  1. There is a store about 15 minutes from me called Osgood. It’s about the size of Target, and just fabric. As if that wasn’t bad enough, within a 1 mile radius is Home Depot and Woodcraft. The day I discovered that my quick run up to the store was a 6 hour retreat which left my wallet very light!

  2. i remember that cozy bedroom where many a lazy girls’ weekend was spent, lounging in pj’s, eating fluffer-nutters, strumming guitar…and all your poetry books… e.e. cummings! a magical time that somehow feels like yesterday, and sometimes like a lifetime ago! what a perfect career for you, this extension of your artistic talents to creating beautiful spaces… amazing to watch you continue to bloom, sweet friend. xo

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