…a good man is hard to find

My DH and I have had a good laugh over the number of gals he dated in high school – one of which was my dear friend, Sarah, growing up! (Sarah, I need to have my mom search from some of our old photos together!)

(the early years)

NOVA is a small world. We also snicker that there is no way we would have meshed if we had met during our late teens. I was devoted to an artist on a skateboard & he was prom king at Langley. Frammie, I think you still have his crown in the dress up chest, yea?

As fate would have it we met at the perfect time and I could not have a better BFF for the rest of life.  Many of you had a chance to meet him at Luckett’s and I really felt like we were doing it as a team.

Why there he is now wearing the Blue Egg Brown Nest t-shirt I made him!

He jokes around quite a bit about when he can retire and become my full time CFO.

And it gets better. He gave me a real treat by giving me (just me) a night away over the Memorial Day weekend, involving movies, naps, a book and this breakfast after the spa. I actually read part of the newspaper without a child on my lap!

Thank you, my Love. I am rested and have already started to restock my inventory. Yesterday I hunted down an amazing sideboard and a few dressers.

Hope you all had a restful weekend as well!

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  1. brentsten is a VERY GOOD man.
    give him a hug from emily please.

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