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I have my first question from one of my followers and thought I would post my answer. Hope you don’t mind, Jackie! Here is what she asked,

“Your stuff is beautiful! I have a desk I bought with my first published article 90 years ago and it is solid oak. I love the desk, hate the oak. I own several milk-painted pieces from France and love them. But how would I paint this desk which I’ve thought about so many times and given up because it would be too hard and end up crapping it up. You are so cute!!”

I feel like everything, even furniture is a trend. We can loving introduce a piece of furniture into our home, enjoy its company and be really excited about looking at it every day and a few years later we think that piece just doesn’t fit the look we want for our space. I personally think we should get to look at pretty things in our homes because it should be the one place that we get to decompress, hide, stow away from the crazy world outside it’s doors.

Jackie, I don’t think you could possibly “crap it up”. In fact, I have faith that you could do a fantastic job and rekindle your love for your oak desk. I would recommend you taking a peak at all the paint colors that Annie Sloan has in her collection. She is basically the creator of chalk paint and has come up with this wonderful product that makes it easy with a little patience and vision. She developed them in her home in the UK and now has store that carry them here where you can order 1 L pots from (aren’t the English so cute calling them pots?).

Some of my favorite colors so far…

french linen    country grey     paris grey

old white    coco        duck egg blue


Sounds like you like that French look, which I do too, so you might want to consider the French Linen or the Paris Grey. I have found that that Paris Grey is that more blue color so it’s what you prefer.

Here is a piece in the French Linen and one in the Paris Grey for you to compare:

French Linen    Paris Grey

It’s a subtle difference. Once you’ve determined color you need to determine how distressed you want it. You create this look with waxes. Clear and dark wax. And then the fun part of distressing the piece with steel wool.

I have to say, though, it all starts with a vision of what the piece COULD be. Many a time my husband has questioned my sanity when picking up a piece of old furniture for me! Patience, my love, patience.





  1. Thanks for the tips chris! Once this babe gives me more time, i plan on taking your advice abd redoing one accent chair in our livng room. Will let you know how it goes. Eek!

  2. Completely yummy. I’m partial to the paris for sure, but I have a sofa in that room that is grey and I think the French Linen is the way to go. You know I am elderly and almost incapable of learning new things. Would you consider having a workshop in the new year for some of us to bring perhaps a small piece and learn to do it with you. No way am I going to pick up the fine arts of steel wool and distressing etc without watching it done. You could have everyone bring something they could accomplish in an afternoon or something– a mirror or small table. And charge us enough–you are worth it! Then I could think about tackling my desk.

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