…a tale of two tables – redo.

Sorry! Sending this again because those pix were ridiculously too big to view. Do over.

I feel like every room needs a few tables, yea? Where are you going to put your coffee, the remote, Jane Austin and your glass of Prosecco?

Here’s the first one mid-paint. I forgot to take a shot of what it looked like when I first found it waiting for a cozy home. This is what it looked like with the first coat.



Sweet 3 tiered table. My dear Gram had a table similar to this in her foyer. She had sweet little glass objects & collectables on it to enjoy looking at when we would come in the door.


Here’s a shot of the table at the Stifel & Capra show.


If you would like to have your copy of Sense & Sensibility on one of these tables, head over to my “Shop” section or email me at cbensten@blueeggbrownnest.com.



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