…a working weekend

Spring is here! Totally kidding. This is what it looked like out my window yesterday.


I think we all have wishful thinking because I have entire kitchen & bedroom sets being dropped off left and right.

On snow days when I need to get some work done I have one option – bring the whole production indoors!




What cracks me up is that no one in my house blinks an eye. The kids don’t crowd around me or ask why I have 6 chairs and a table inside the house. The dog even scoots around everything. In fact, not one person or animal in my house even mentioned the furniture!

Hopefully warmer days are ahead of us. Or else I will have a king-sized bed in my house by the end of the week!




  1. It’s been rainiy and cold here in SC too, just not with 9 inches of snow! So glad ASCP is so easy to use inside – I found the perfect place to work on my creativity painting inside!! And no one paid me any attention either!!

  2. Carole Cathcart says:

    Do you have any pics taken before you painted these chairs?

  3. hello! that is funny 🙂 i also ASCP, furniture. My kids don’t ask any questions either. A friend asked me one time where I paint my pieces. I told her I paint my large pieces in my living room. My husband overheard the question and said ” as long as she doesn’t block my tv I don’t care where she paints” Lol! He loves his sports 🙂


  4. Hey!

    Thankfully here in sunny Southern CA, snow is not an issue, but your photos are beautiful and make me miss my childhood (we got snow even in Texas). It can get too hot, though, and the paint dries faster than I would like. I painted in the house one time and everyone looked at me as if I were crazy!

    Have fun!

  5. Betty in Arlington says:

    Your posts are enjoyable! Kids back to school today, but you still paint and brush with them home, like yesterday in the snow. Glad you are better and able to enjoy your work.

    Blessed healing, you are still included in our prayers…my nephew has been out of high school four weeks now with a hockey-induced concussion…

  6. Elizabeth L says:

    I am just finishing up a set of table and chairs for a friend…it makes me never want to touch chairs again! Any suggestions or tips for chairs and specifically the spindles? Thanks!

    • I thought it was only me! I have done a few chairs using different paint but whatever you use it never gets easier! There was a time when I thought to paint a chair is the easiest thing to do. I take my words back. If anyone comes up with some tips on painting chairs – please let me know!
      Painting should be fun, no?

  7. christina larsen says:

    This is how my house looks like every time I do painting projects. I don’t have a garage or outside area that I can work in, so I make do. Life goes on around my projects.

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