…about a boy

and his room. I’ve been working on trying to find some creative ways to decorate my little boy’s room.

Of course the Union Jack dresser that mama painted is the star attraction…at least for me 🙂 All English all the time.

I went with two-toned blues because it’s my favorite color and the iconic boy’s room color…and I’m pretty over pink after 2 older girls’ rooms.


My sweet friend, Laurian, gave me those 2 chairs on either side & I chalk painted them Duck Egg’s Blue to match. Reid can’t evens it properly in a seat yet, but I still like them there!

I wanted some shelving and found an old drawer in our storage room and my DH hung it up for all those important items like colored blocks and brown stuffed friends.

I finished my clip board wall and thought it came out really colorful. Elmo seems to approve.

I also picked those blue suitcases and filled them with more stuffed friends and will use them for storage.

I wanted some shelving for some of his many books. I’m sure you’ve noticed the invasion of wire pool baskets all about. Instead of rusted vintage ones like I have on my coffee table, I decided on new ones for the wall.

Still working on some glass jar containers that I saw on Pintrest. Here’s a look at one with some kind of mutt on it.

And of course the vintage blue globe which seems to pull everything together!

I also needed an Alexander Calder in his room as his middle name is “Calder”. I didn’t really want to spend a ton of money on framing the print Nina & Papa gave him, so I went to my go-to Etsy and found some handmade push pins that I think work really well.


Now that the room is all set (minus the bed that is in the works) we can only hope that he also grows up to be British.

Yes, that is a pink Dora bike.






  1. Adorable (in that boy kind of way)!!! I really don’t know how you do it Christen but Reid’s room, the house and your projects all look amazing!! Congrats on your business AND finding the time to conquer it all!! Much love <3

  2. Catherine says:

    Love this. Found you from the Post today. Where did you find the wire baskets in your son’s room? Thanks!

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