…across the country

That’s where my beloved mirror lives! Thank you to Jessica via Etsy for my first Etsy purchase & successful shipment of furniture.

It’s been a bit of a stress trying to figure out reasonable shipping for inquires on Etsy. I must say that when I get a quote for people it’s a bit jarring to get such a big shipping estimate back for me & the client. But, it is furniture & it is heavy & it needs to be packaged carefully, as exemplified by my DH here.

We originally were quoted $200 for shipping for the mirror by UPS & the shipping store, which I was told was acceptable by the client. But, I hated to do that so my sweet DH did all the research on how to pack a mirror, bought all the supplies and spent 2 hours packaging it to ship to LA. Yes, he’s a keeper.

The most important men in my life.

Check out my shop on Etsy when you get a second! Set the drop down menu to “Shops” and type in: blue egg brown nest.

New antiques in the que:

-Tall dresser & nightstand

-Horizontal dresser w/  2 large drawers & 2 small ones. Mirror on top optional.

-Oval coffee table

-Foyer Table/Dining Table

-2 occasional chairs

-Long buffet table




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