…adirondack chairs in duck egg blue

I don’t think there is any other outdoor seat more comfortable than an adirondack chair. Preferably one that is staring out onto a lake. Maybe a margarita in my hand. Definitely a margarita in my hand.

A friend that I have known for a few years is moving to London (!!!) soon and asked me to refinish her adirondack chairs. She close Duck Egg Blue and I think they look awesome in this color. It’s definitely a color that you cannot buy an adirondeck chair in.

The chairs for originally painted black when purchased.


They needed to be sanded down. I always give my clients an option. Electric sander for a smooth finish (and more time & cost) or hand sanding, which is lighter.

Here they are after being painted & distressed.




Just a reminder. If you are painting over a piece that is already a color, like these chairs were originally black, then you will have a few layers when you sand. You will have the original wood color, the black (original color) and then you will have your top coat (new color). I love seeing the black come through on these chairs. I think it’s adds a ton of interest. You definitely can’t purchase this look at any store!



Selfie with the adirondeck chair. We match!

Unerneath the chairs I only did one coat as I tpyically do. I LOVE this look too.


Rustic, chippy, lovely.



  1. Beautiful! Can I ask you a question about sealing/finishing the chairs? I want to use chalk paint to paint dining room chairs, but I am pretty sure I don’t want my guests sitting on wax in the hot summer months? Is this a problem or am I creating one that is a non-issue? Do you recommend another product for sealing items that will be sat on? Thanks!

  2. Patricia Stahlmann says:

    Hi I live in London and know weather wise they are going to take a bashing so can I ask what top coat you have given them? Wax or something else.

  3. Love love love this chair!

  4. Peggy Weir says:

    Hi Christen!
    I’ve learned so much from your tutorials and website! Thank you for sharing. Just wanted to respond to the question re “white spirits.” I’m certain the reference is to mineral spirits. I’ve used this comb often with great success. Just mix equal parts dark wax and mineral spirits together well, apply with a brush and wipe off excess with a rag.

  5. Barbara Staab says:

    Beautiful. So much better than black.

    Can you tell me if you put the clear wax on or just left them after painting the chalk paint?

  6. These turned out so beautiful. I love duck egg blue!
    I love your selfie too!! 🙂

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