I’m so pleased to report that my sweet console found a loving home to go to on Thursday. It was one of my very favorite pieces.

Kristen emailed me the day my post came out with a very flattering email about my work. She popped over the next day and we boosted the console into her car. Even more fun was the connections that this small world provides sometimes. Turns out her & her husband both went highschool & were friends with my DH. Oh, and she was in my niece’s ballet class with her daughter. She used the term “kindred spirit” when we hugged goodbye, which any reference from Anne of Green Gables is a truly a compliment!

Here is a picture of the console in her hallway!

Kristen has her own creative streak drawing children’s silhouettes. I plan on getting my kid’s done soon. Check out her site: www.sweetheartsilhouettes.com

I love that I get to meet all these new friends through blue egg brown nest. Very blessed gal, I am!



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