…after the chaos

After Christmas, guests, presents, food, wrapping paper, colds, cards, parties, lights all I want is to throw everything out the window and clean. Embarrassingly, that is kinda what we do. We thank our tree for sharing its life with our family and then it is thrown out the window. Actually, it is dragged through the French doors and tossed over the balcony. Better this way then dragged through the house trailing buckets full of needles.


Hopefully it will make it to the front of the house to be picked up by Recycling before Spring.

I then start the maddness of vacuuming, mopping, Windexing, furniture polishing and even get a little motivated to make some changes in my decorating around the house. I love changing things up. I used to move my furniture around every Saturday as a kid. A bit crazy, I know. But, if you are like me then it’s perfectly normal and can be inspiring to update your space. Yes?

So, I left everything in the closest that I took down to replace with Christmas decor. I didn’t want any more stuff out.


Dough bowl. Large. Simple. Statement. I have 4 and I heart them all.


Colored books perfectly tame in their vintage, rusted locker basket.


And the foyer table with an urn and an orange cat. Tomorrow I may milk paint this table white. If I do I will do a tutorial since you’ve asked about how to apply milk paint. For now, it’s purrrrrfect.



  1. I love it Kristen. I cannot wait for mine to all be put away.

  2. Donna Dell says:

    Hilarious! Love it all. I too like to change decor after Christmas. Keep it more simple.

  3. where do you purchase the dough bowls?

  4. Where did u get the moss balls. Are they preserved?

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