…an old, wood box for all seasons

I found this worn box with hinge at an estate sale that was full of treasure. Please look at the house. Do you see what I see? Treasure box! IMG_7099

I wish I knew who lived here because it was full of just interesting pieces. In fact, it was so cool I even asked the estate manager if he could sell the doors that were still on the hinges. Alas, no. It is an historically preserved house so the doors will have to stay. IMG_7094

I carried 2 trunks & 2 old boxes down these narrow, rickety stairs by myself. It actually reminded me quite a bit of my first college house in Fredericksburg. Here’s what I found and once again shoved into my SUV. Yes, I know, it’s time for a real truck. IMG_7097

This narrow box was one of my finds. Perfect for a centerpiece on a long table.


Flower box for spring, pinecones for winter little pine trees for Christmas, eggs for spring, etc, etc. Love a versatile box.






Long, old wooden box w/ latch…$95


  1. What a gorgeous house!!

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