…animal house!

Ha! I was thinking about writing this post and the more “animal” prints & themes I have going on the more I thought how funny it was. We endearing refer to our house as “animal house” and it truly is!

I finally found another brown zebra rug that fit my reclaimed wood dining table.

Just got these and I’m thinking about putting one about the TV. Don’t revoke my PETA membership just yet – they are resin.

At the end of the sisal runway you will see a wildly out of place owl. But I love him.


More zebra…and a cat tail. Go figure.

The infamous wood horse on the Bombay (now for sale).

Okay, now PETA can take back my membership because I think the tips of these brushes actually are horse hair. Didn’t know that! They don’t hurt the horse, though, do they? Just give him a tail trim?

Oh, Kane. When he’s not sitting there he’s just making trouble.

Fake ivory fur all over the place. And a bull’s head. One of 2 in the house.

Friend or foe? Accessory or Fluff? You have all met my camera-loving Ollie. Here he is in the wild of the ottoman. Oh, Ollie-handro.






  1. Jamie Fields says:


    Your animal house is a very, very, very fine house. Thanks for the inspiration and smiles.

  2. I love it! Also a big fan of animal prints… and I own a cowhide rug… and it was from a Brazilian cow! lol Anyway, lovely decor! Great taste! Blessings ~ Vanessa

  3. ok, what’s with the bull heads-must have a Taurus living in that house. Is Kane a chocolate lab? If so, I’m sure he’s contributing his fur to the animal house. Funny post.

  4. hi christen, jut wondering if you have ever come across a low profile zebra print rug for my foyer and hallway? My front door has very low clearance. thank you for your amazing blog! your thoughts would be appreciated. karin

  5. you and I have such similar taste, and yet you are able to materialize the look and make it look so easy,,,, I on the other hand take forever to make any decision… sigh in any case, can you tell us where you got your reclaimed wood dining table? thanks!

  6. Elizabeth L says:

    Can you tell me where the zebra rug is from? I LOVE it!

    • Hi Elizabeth L- did you ever by chance learn where the zebra rug is from? I just came across it and love it as well.

  7. Hi there- I have been searching everywhere for a zebra rug like that!! Does anyone know where it is from?

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