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There’s no higher compliment than one from the creator of chalk paint, Annie Sloan herself. I received an email from her the very day The Washington Post article came out.

Thanks for the wonderful way you use my paint!  Great taste and understanding.

– Annie Sloan

Your home looks beautiful and I am so thrilled with the wonderful exposure
we have had through your business. I bet it has promoted your business like
mad!! ….Many many thanks again for using the paint so well!”

I have used her paint for only 6 months (before I was using milk paint) and I liked my results, but was not always completely confident that I was using them to their potential. I feel like I just graduated with these lovely emails from her!

Speaking of graduating & class, Annie is going to be giving a conference in Leesburg.

To register for it, go to:



  1. Morning Christen,

    Thanks for the shout out about our Annie Sloan Workshop Event in Leesburg on March 31. I am involved in the planning of it and I can tell your followers that it is going to be FABULOUS!!!!

    Here is what they will experience:

    Breakfast with fellow attendees

    After registering you will join Annie in the Main Hall for a 2 hour presentation by Annie herself. She will talk about color…mixing colors …techniques…helpful hints and so much more.

    Breakout groups will be formed and you will spend 4 hours in a painting workshop.
    You will get to play with all the beautiful paints and waxes.
    Trained ASCP stockist will be there to help and answer questions
    Annie will make the rounds of all the groups and visit with them.

    Delicious chef prepared hot luncheon will be served

    Power snacks and beverages will be available throughout the day for extra energy!

    You will attend a fun social hour with Annie and have the opportunity to have her autograph books and talk.

    A very FULL 8:30 til 5pm day of FUN…Paint…and ANNIE!!!

    All this for ONLY $350

    I promise no one will leave without a smile on their face and a
    desire to go home and paint something!!

    Seats are selling fast, so don’t be left out.

    Have a lovely day Christen
    The Empty Nest

  2. This is going to be an awesome event…can’t wait!!

  3. Cecilia Glembocki says:

    Please call me about the workshop TOMMoRROW. 7037901984. Cell 703 501 6152. Call me as ap. Help…… U need to know where to go etc. ceil

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