…Antique Farmhouse Designer Pick!

I’m super excited to be selected as Antique Farmhouse‘s Designer Pick! I love this online shop, as you know. They offer so many vintage and antique replicas that you just cannot find in stores. I have been telling you how special it is for years. In fact, often times when I received their sale emails I think how hard I tried to find those very items years ago before they existed. The cottage/farmhouse style is actually attainable to us now!

The way the Designer Pick works is that I got to select one of Antique Farmhouse’s products to showcase in my home. I totally went for the Unique Double-Sided Scale Clock.

I heart when a product is multi-functional. It makes me feel like it is not just a pretty item taking up space, but a useful tool in my space. Here are several ways that I have used my Scale Clock!




A velvet pumpkin display could be used for my kitchen or any room in the house.

I placed the scale with real produce as well – gorgeous tomatoes!




Here is the clock even in my living room sitting on top of some design books. Blends perfectly, yes?


I have decided that the front foyer table will be the clock’s home for now. I love using it as a decorative catch all for keys and iphones. It’s perfect because I also know what time it is when I get home.



Of course, my favorite kind of decorating is one where my life becomes intwined. Ollie and Owen never miss a photo op!


Two cats, a clock and some old books. Just about perfect in my book.


Be sure to read tomorrow’s post for an opportunity to win a free Scale Clock! You will also be able to purchase at Antique Farmhouse Thursday!


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