Don’t under estimate the effect you can have on a room using Antoinette. Just like the name suggests it is a feminine, lovely & soft color – pink. Here’s Annie’s description: “Old fashioned roses and the colour of old plaster. This is a soft pale pink with a hint of brown in it so the pink is not too sweet.”

Last week I refinished a bed for little Fiona – not my Fiona, but another one just as cute! Her mama found this super sweet spindled twin bed at Goodwill.



Yes, I did get a bit of Antoinette on the side of my house. Not the first time 🙂





A dear friend gave me this sweet, little vanity & it was the fitst piece that Greta painted on her own. She did an amazing job!




It didn’t sell at Luckett’s so I brought it home and decided to let her have it in her room. After all, she needs a place to water color her Irises 🙂



  1. Meghann Wandrocke says:

    I just painted my 1980’s bedroom dressers in Antoinnette…love them. Just trying to decide what color to paint the bed as I don’t want too much pink in there. The walls are taupe.

  2. Pam Alexander says:

    Beautiful color! Wish I had such talent (and head of hair)!

  3. Hello! I have been visiting your blog for a month now and I just love it! I’m new to ASCP, and I’m having a great time with it! I’ll have to try the pink some time. I hope it’s ok that I ask you a question that has me stumped. Here it goes if you can answer. I have two identical wood chairs. I painted one in old white with coco accents. My question is in your opinion is it better to paint them identical for resale purposes or paint them different? I figured in your line of work you may have come across this situation. I just appreciate your input 🙂 thank you so much!

    Blessings, Aimee

  4. Oh I would love something in that color!!!!

  5. Rose Beckhurst says:

    Hi christen,
    This colour it looks lovely could you do a tutorial on the different ASCP colours? because after watching your cane tutorial i purchased some country grey and loved it, i’m using it on some pieces for my lounge. It helps when you see all the colours used on something rather than looking at a computer monitor trying to pick a colour. P.S i’m from England and love your blog and your union jack pieces 🙂

  6. Marilyn in Mt. Vernon, VA says:

    What a darling…she did a great job!

    Like mama, like daughter.

  7. Colleen Daub says:

    Hi Christen

    I am super excited because ASCP was launched in South Africa (I live in Cape Town) last Friday and on Saturday I discovered your blog!!!

    Has ASCP ever been used inside a shower to update/refresh grout

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