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I’m super blessed & excited to be one of three designers chosen for the March issue of Arlington Magazine!


FYI, I did have the flu at the time of the photoshoot, but hopefully the smile fools you 🙂


I was approached by the editor to submit my favorite room. Without hesitation I chose my bedroom! Ah, makes me breathe deeper just thinking about it. It’s a calming, white space with books and candles, a few chairs and no toys allowed. Here is a look at the other side of the space.


I think we all deserve a chandelier in our bedroom no matter the size. Find a vintage one with crystal or go to Home Depot and pick one out. It will enhance your boudoir and make it feel a bit more special than the other rooms in your house. Just make sure you pick something light & airy.


It took me 10 years to find and be able to afford my 4 poster, white bed. I bought it all by myself with the help of Blue Egg.


I hunted for the perfect antique amoire for a while. It had to have character, curvy lines and be large enough for a flatscreen inside. And then, yes, I painted it. It had to be white to fit in this space. Another yes – I have a TV in my bedroom and feel no shame about it. It’s the only TV in the house where Dora the Explorer is not allowed (unless they are all sick and we climb in bed together to watch it).


If you ever come across a vintage dress form buy it! It makes such a statement.


Can’t wait to crawl in tonight and watch Downton Abby!

Thank you again, Arlington Magazine for the honor and recognition.

Happy President’s Day!



  1. Gorgeous bedroom, lovely whites. You’ve done a beautiful job with you home, you deserve all the recognition. I was in the area this past weekend, but my hubby’s aunt and I couldn’t find a way to contact you to see your work. She has been looking for a cabinet for a while now. Congratulations on the magazine appearance!! Blessings ~ Vanessa

  2. Your room is beautiful! congrats on the magazine feature.

  3. OMG can you believe that they have killed off Matthew Crawley?? Oh and I LOVE LOVE your beautiful armorie!!!

  4. Congratulations on the recognition!! Yes, your smile fooled me you look happy and well! I’ve tried color in our Master Bedroom and I always go back to the white…so clean and crisp! I have a chandelier I bought and an antique sale for the bathroom…skip that I’m hanging next to my bed!! Thanks!

    Enjoy your time in the spotlight,

    June G.

  5. Wow congratulations on the magazine article!! You look amazing!! Love the cabinet in your room and the chandelier!!! Love all the white . So perfect for a bedroom!!!

  6. elaineselvaggi says:

    love it every single detail

  7. Congrats on the recognition. Your bedroom is wonderful, so luxurious.


  8. What an honor, congratulations! And you’ve put together such a beautiful bedroom! I especially love the various places one could kick back and relax. We currently have one cozy arm chair in our bedroom and I am debating sticking a soft bench seat at the foot of our bed. I’m definitely inspired now!

  9. Congratulations on your feature! You and your bedroom look gorgeous 🙂

  10. Congratulations to an amazing woman who is an inspiration to us all. The article is fantastic and well deserved. You are such a beauty, inside and out.

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