…Atelier be & a prize!

I first came across Atelier be when shopping on Etsy. I then “liked” Jess Chauvot de Beauchêne’s page on Facebook and recently reposted one of her gorgeous pillows, but, before I get to those, can we just all take in the small village of Auvenier in the French speaking (Swiss Romande) part of Switzerland that she lives in? And somewhere up the winding cobblestone streets where the church bell rings in the background she lives with her family on a winery.

Beautiful images of beautiful spaces just make me breath in a little deeper.

Now, can you imagine the pillows that come from such a place? Jess first found her antique textiles in the rafters of an attic in Normandy owned by her in-laws and has since been on the hunt in brocantes, basements & flea markets in search of old grain sacks & fabrics to repurpose and bring back to life.

Here are a few samples of her work.

Jess is currently working on a series based on original 19th century tar stencils which she redraws before transferring onto otherwise plain European  grain sacks.  She then finishes them with hand pleated ruffles and piping made from vintage metis.

Jess has so generously offered to send one lucky reader a pillow (below) from her latest collection. We thought it would be fun to pose a trivia question so the first person to post the answer to this question on Blue Egg Brown Nest’s site or Facebook page wins! Here goes:

What does “Atelier be” mean?

(You could will THIS!)

Check out Jess’ other pillow treasures here:

Thanks for sharing, Jess! Now I’m just waiting for my invite to come visit you in Auvenier! 🙂





  1. It’s a studio for designers and / or artists! I would LOVE one of those stunning pillows!! PLZ !!!

  2. It means type of workshop

  3. Bonjour! I think it means workshop/art studio and the -be is either for beauty or Beauchêne 🙂 But probably beauté 🙂 Also, her pillows are absolutely fabulous. Lastly, I owe her a merci for introducing me to your blog 🙂

  4. It’s a studio or workshop, with it personalized for the first two letters of her last name.

  5. Anytime Christen, anytime!

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