…auskin lambskin rug – repost!

***In my haste to post I did in fact think these rugs were faux and I believe they may be real fur. Since we are all fans of little, white lambs & all God’s creatures. Let’s find something faux instead. The one in my bedroom is faux and I assumed anything from Costco would be as well. I will post where I found mine….

I had a delightful morning with a repeat client, Kirstyn, who once again is separated by the 6 degrees of NOVA separation. I finished a few of her nightstands and this week I was invited into her lovely home to help out with her office space.

Originally these little nightstands were green and now they are a delicious white that goes with her light, shabby chic home.

Kirstyn was kind enough to give me a little tour of her home, including some gorgeous bedrooms! I practically curled up to take a nap when I saw her large lambskin rugs dawning the floor space. I have one of my own, but it is not quite as fluffy and inviting as hers.

She shared the secret that she bought them at Costco…recently! So on my way home I did a quick search at a stop light and discovered they do in fact carry them in multiple sizes. Order quick because I need about 10…just kidding, DH.


Is it nap time yet?




  1. Hi Christen,

    I have gotten faux sheep-skin rugs at Ikea on 2 different occasions – they were $9.99 each! Love them!

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