Reader Chair Advice

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A reader asked me about refinishing her chair in a Restoration Hardware painted look.

Here is the type of chair that she is wanting to refinish.

Here is video on my Blue Egg Brown Nest Channel. This one is called, “Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Tutorial-The Weathered Wood Look”

You can do this technique with any color. If you want a dark, more brown pain, then use that.

Now, regarding the fabric. This chair will be a bit tricky. It looks like Dear Reader can unscrew the cushion and staple gun new fabric on the seat. You can do this! As for the back of the chair, it will take a skilled upholsterer, but should not be too pricey. I would recommend painting the chair BEFORE getting your piece upholstered.

Here a few of the chairs that I have painted and/or upholstered.

There are so many looks you can play with in regards to fabric.


Have you all seen Foundry’s new home on the Luckett’s lot? The owner, Yvette, was a vendor in Lucketts and you could spy her cool, vintage vibe from miles away. Very vintage, very British, very leather, very library, very Parisian flea feel. It’s a shade different than any of the other vintage shops you’ve been to. Promise.

I follow foundry on Instagram and have been watching them get their new home all spruced up. It’s gorgeous. I finally got out there with the family before Halloween and purchased the Union Jack pillows I had been eyeing for a long time now (yes, she has more!)

Her shop is open and she recently started selling on her site here.

Own approves.

Bedroom Amoire Refresh

Hi there. Some of you may remember when I purchased this armoire off Craigslist. I still love it, but wanted to keep up with the times and make it a little cleaner looking. It was taking up a lot of space visually so I thought if I took away the distressing and put a coat of white on it, I would get the look I wanted.

Since we are dealing with COVID and I didn’t want to go into a shop if I didn’t have to, I ordered a can of Chalked furniture paint from Amazon. I received same day delivery! Yea!

Here is the before that I had painted and distressed years ago.

Here is the after:

Got anything you need refreshed?