…awesome, annie!

After sending out my post yesterday I received an email from Liz from Annie Sloan. She wanted to make sure we all knew that Annie Sloan is donating $1 to breast cancer research (in particular an Omega 3 trial study for the prevention of re-occurrence)  for every can sold through the end of this year.

After seeing Antoinette, a few of you contacted me about some refinishing projects in this color. I will be sure to buy a few cans in the near future.

I am planning on refinishing Fiona’s bed in Antoinette. You may know her from projects such as “Graffiti on the Wall”, “Graffiti on her bed” and influencing her brother to color on walls.

Some of her finest work, I’d say.

Oh, and here’s a look at her Hand-Print Period in red.




  1. The joy of children as they discover art – wherever that may be! And kudos to Liz at Annie Sloan for making the donation to the Omega-3 study. As a bc thriver after 7 years I know the importance of continued research.

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