…baby dresser

I feel like it is such an honor to do a dresser for a client who will use it for a baby’s room. How wonderful! How smart! I was one of those moms that ran out to the large baby store and bought a huge, manufactured white dresser. As soon as my third was out of diapers I sold it. I hated it! It had no personality or appeal.

Here is what the piece looked like when it came to my garage.


We had a coversation about the piece and how we were going to handle the edges that were flaking off. The client wanted a clean look with little to no distressing. In order to have a completely smooth surface I would have to strip and sand the piece with en electric sander. This would be more time and money. I offered to sand it by hand to make it fairly smooth and do just a bit of distressing in case there were any spots that were glaringly uneven.


I used my hand 3M block sander with fine sand paper to smooth out the edges.


IMG_4937It helped to take off the large, flakey pieces.

IMG_4936 I used Pure White and kept the hardware. Or marshmallow fluff as I like to call it!


Here is how it turned out.



You can see that I sanded just a few of the edges.


IMG_5106Love this little detail.


The contrast of the oil-rubbed bronze hardware and the white paint really creates interest. It also has a sweet mirror that I finished as well. Ready for baby!


  1. Chelsey swain says:

    That looks gorge! Well done.. Handles do look great against the white. Have to say though, the original state was quite nice too! Xx

  2. Ann Howel says:

    Hi Christen! I have a question for you to address. Can you explain the different effect or techinque of using clear/dark wax vs glazing. Do you mix your own glaze? How do you determine which process to use? If you glaze something do you also apply wax over the glaze? Thanks for your wonderful blog!

  3. christina larsen says:


  4. Samantha says:

    I wish I had been that crafty then also. It is beautiful. How did you deal/fix the flakey edges? I have passed up several pieces because I wasn’t sure what to do about it. Thanks so much for all that you give us, your readers.

  5. Hello Christen! I love the white it is so fresh. Great piece for the new baby. Enjoy all your work! Lori

  6. I was afraid to use pure white with out distressing it, make think I need to try it!

  7. I just love this! I like the idea of all white with minimal distressing. But I would highlight the
    details just below the top drawer. If mom knows boy or girl, highlight Duck Egg Blue or a light pink. But I love it either way…All your work looks great.

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